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Sea Poem - Kodo Okuda ~ The amazing carving of ivory that looks like the finest porcelain.

Stone, Bone and Jade - Donn Salt ~ 26 New Zealand Artists ~ This book documents the contemporary history of stone, bone and and jade carving in New Zealand through the words and works of twenty-six New Zealand artists.  Four new artists and more recent work from the original artists are featured.  Carving is an art form that reaches back into the Maori tradition and this ancestry is reflected in the forms and styles of the works today.  But, in keeping with New Zealand's multicultural past, other ethnic influences, from ancient Celtic to modern Scandinavian and Asian, combine to produce art works with a rich and diverse heritage.  Included also within the words of the artists is invaluable information on tools and techniques of bone and stone carving.  This superbly produced book presents the best carving in stone, bone and jade in New Zealand today and fills an important gap in recording our arts and crafts.


Bone Carving - Stephen Myhre ~ A skill base of techniques and concepts


The Raymond and Frances Bushell Collection of Netsuke : A Legacy at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (The exhibition space devoted to the collection changes periodically throughout the year.  Impressive collection!)


Contemporary Netsuke - Miriam Kinsey ~ Miniature sculpture from Japan and beyond


Living Masters of Netsuke - Miriam D. Kinsey


The Art of Netsuke Carving - as told to Raymond Bushell by the netsukeshi Masatoshi


Contemporary Netsuke: The H.I.H. Prince Takamado Collection (mostly contemporary netuske) - Takamado, Norohito ~ This volume showcases masterpieces of contemporary netsuke from the collection of the H.I.H. Price Takamado Collection, including works by Japanese as well as Western carvers. Beautifully illustrated with essays in Japanese and English.

Iwami Netsuke: R. S. Huthart Collection (a catalog of the Huthart Collection) - Rokusho Magazine ~ Catalog of a special exhibition on Iwami netsuke featuring a superb selection - many of which are rarely seen in Japan - drawn from the Robert S. Huthart Collection. It presents many fine netsuke carvings of animal and insect subjects by renowned Iwami School carvers including Seiyodo Tomiharu, the founder of the school; Bunshojo; Gansui; Kanman; Mitani Goho; and Tomiaki. Most not only are signed by the artists, but are also included other inscriptions such as artists? age, the date and place carved, and, sometimes, poetry.



Netsuke: The Japanese Art of Miniature Carving - by Matthew Welch, Sharen Chappell, Minneapolis Institute of Arts


Masterpieces of Netsuke Art : One thousand favorites of leading collectors ~ compiled by Bernard Hurting. 1973


International Netsuke Society Journal: The International Netsuke Society.  Back issues are available through Paragon Book Gallery - Keyword Search: Study Journal


Wood Carving Illustrated - Issue 28 - Fall ~ An Introduction to Carving Miniature - Netsuke: Welcome to Susan Wraight’s small, small world of netsuke, part of Japanese traditional dress now highly sought after.


Art & Fear : by David Bayles. Observations On The Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
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